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Mar, 2015

So you think you know brands?

Posted by John Laurence

Try this little exercise. Without peeking at a phone or laptop in your vicinity, draw an outline of the Apple logo...    ... Read More

Jan, 2013
Nov, 2012


Posted by John Laurence

Quick, there is a fire in your building! Do you know where the nearest fire extinguisher is? A recent UCLA psychology study found that people often do not recall things they have seen hundreds of times. In the study, 54 people who worked in an office building were asked whether they knew of the location of their nearest fire extinguisher, but only 13 (24%) were able to correctly identify the location. But when asked to find a fire extinguisher, in other words to physically locate it, they were all able to do so quickly.   ... Read More

Aug, 2012

Plastic Fantastic

Posted by John Laurence

The brain is found to be far more “plastic” than previously thought, able to rewire itself after damage from a stroke or to strengthen neural connections or “maps” when learning, like memorising the dialogue of a play  or learning to play the guitar.  ... Read More

May, 2012

Making Memories

Posted by John Laurence

Corporations spend billions each year endeavouring to influence the public’s behaviour to favour their sales objectives. What exactly is it they are ultimately attempting to create with these marketing efforts though?    ... Read More