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Opinions and articles on the subject of Neuromarketing

Jul, 2015

A stranger to your selfie

Posted by John Laurence

No, this is not about how men who take frequent selfies are more narcissistic and psychopathic (they apparently are, though)...  ... Read More

Jul, 2015

How do you boil a frog?

Posted by John Laurence

According to the classic anecdote - Very slowly...  ... Read More

Jun, 2015

Cocktail Dresses, Beer and Brand Perception

Posted by John Laurence

So you have probably seen the popular meme on the internet of a picture of a cocktail dress with the question: What colour is the dress?   ... Read More

Mar, 2015

Is there a rat in your underwear drawer?

Posted by John Laurence

Poor brand integration is one of the most common problems we find when testing TV ads with our EEG neuromarketing technology...  ... Read More

May, 2013

Television and Your Brain

Posted by John Laurence

What would be more tiring for you – reading a textbook for 2 hours or watching TV for 2 hours? After reading a textbook for 2 hours, you are probably going to feel like vegetating in front of the TV for a while…  ... Read More

Apr, 2013

Going Green To Be Seen

Posted by John Laurence

Toyota’s first attempt at selling the Prius hybrid in Europe wasn’t very successful...   ... Read More

Jan, 2013